Oct 092014



Just updated the shop with a new batch of teeny little plastic baskets that are the PERFECT size for your 12″ Blythe doll. I have red, orange, green, pink and blue. These are vintage stock and oh so cute! I did get a new batch before BCUK but they were a sell out on the day!

I just wish I could find ‘me’ sized ones too!

Oct 082014
Go on.....Make those monsters yourself!

Share  In the shop now are DIY kits to make all the Spooky collection! These kits contain everything needed to make your own outfit. A printout of the pattern, yarn, beads, buttons, threads and other bits and bobs. All you need is knitting needles and your hands. I try to keep my patterns as easy [...]

Oct 012014

Share Guillermina!!!!! Congratulations! Your little monster will be on it’s way very soon Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey, it has been very very helpful to me and given me LOTS of ideas! I really appreciate the time you all spent answering my questions. Love and Hugs from me xxxxxx

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Sep 292014
See you on Saturday!

Share  Just finishing off everything and packing all my stuff up to take on the train to BCUK in Brighton on Friday. Please stop by my stall if you are going, I love to meet fellow dolly lovers in person! Can’t write much today, too busy! See you on Saturday!!!

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Sep 212014
Busy for BCUK

Share  Well I’ve been in a bit of a whirlwind recently trying to get my s**t together for BCUK in two weeks! I have focused on 5 main designs which will be available as finished items and as DIY knitting kits. I have loved making them and have 1 of each so far and all [...]

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Sep 092014
My Filofax

Share  Another one of my loves are Filofaxes. Mine is a red leather domini A5. I have been trying to find the perfect set up and yesterday I came close…I think! I dislike the original filofax inserts as they are very…boring… So I printed out heaps of FREE yes FREE stuff from Limetreefruits. She has [...]

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Aug 272014
Printing, booking accomodation for Brighton, more printing.....

Share  This week I have been mainly printing! I decided it would be nice to have a ‘real’ catalogue of my patterns so far. I underestimated how many I have written over the years! My printer is having a well earned rest today while I compile the contents page. I feel like I am holding [...]

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