Dec 012014


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Polly’s studio is undergoing a move and major refurbishment after my youngest left home at the weekend. My studio is now the spare bedroom and Tom’s old room is bare, with my stuff piled in the centre awaiting paint and carpet! It’s been an emotional couple of weeks as he moved all his stuff out (he’s not gone far, I can still annoy him easily and chat about life, the universe and all the other crap!) I feel ready for a new phase and the moving of my studio from one end of the house to the other should keep me busy and stop me getting all sad and silly. I am so happy for Tom and his lovely girlfriend Jess and I LOVE their new place and I’m sure they will be very very happy there :)

I’ll be closing the shop today for physical items, patterns will still be available to purchase and download and I’m still here to answer any questions, but my packing materials and yarns are all boxed away for a few weeks now. I have lots of great stuff coming for the re-opening so watch this space! 2015 will start with a new Polly and a new Jane.

I’m off to reinvent myself now… have a fabulous December and Holiday season. See you in January!

Nov 222014
Button Loop Tutorial

Share  Button loop tutorial I get asked a lot about how I finish off the little knitted garments at the back. So I found a simple little tutorial on how to make a button loop to share with you. I find that this is the neatest way to create fastenings and it looks nice and […]

Nov 172014
How it's made - Anarchy Sweater

Share  I thought it might be nice to share a behind the scenes insight into the processes involved in the making of a new dolly garment and pattern. Step by step how I make anarchy sweaters. I buy fine pencil roving from Kauni wool on etsy. It looks like this ……. I then put some […]

Nov 142014
Mission Control this morning

Share  I thought I would share Polly’s mission control centre with you today as it made me smile when I walked in the room. Happy workspace = happy work Today I am helping my youngest move furniture in his new apartment. Sad that he’s flying the nest but so happy for him and his girlfriend. […]

Nov 082014
Anarchy in the UK!

Share    I finally completed Sindy’s Anarchy sweater! My amazing Toypincher custom has been sitting patiently while I knit and stitched and at last I got it finished! I am hoping to do this pattern in as many sizes as I can so it will fit lots of dolls. I have already completed Sindy size […]

Nov 022014
A couple of sparkly Firework Monster suits!

Share            Boom!            Crack!            Fizz!         Weeeeeeeeee! Fireworks are busy lighting up the skies and driving my kitties nuts so I thought I’d add a bit of sparkle to the shop today with a couple of sparkly firework inspired monster […]

Oct 312014
Halloween Sale!!

Share    Just for Halloween I am having a little SALE in the shop! ONE DAY ONLY! All prices on Dolly Clothes will magically reduce just for Friday then the spell will break and prices will go back to normal. These gorgeous Darkness dresses will be included in the sale!!! Don’t miss out….take a bite while […]

Oct 262014
Spinning and dreaming....

Share    I’ve been spinning and dreaming….. The gorgeous fibre I spun into the yarn above is by Countess Ablaze whose work I LOVE with a capital L! It’s a fabulous mix of blue faced leicester, stellina and silk nobbles. It made me so happy while I was spinning and I have some great ideas […]

Oct 092014
Teeny little baskets in stock again!

Share  Just updated the shop with a new batch of teeny little plastic baskets that are the PERFECT size for your 12″ Blythe doll. I have red, orange, green, pink and blue. These are vintage stock and oh so cute! I did get a new batch before BCUK but they were a sell out on […]

Oct 082014
Go on.....Make those monsters yourself!

Share  In the shop now are DIY kits to make all the Spooky collection! These kits contain everything needed to make your own outfit. A printout of the pattern, yarn, beads, buttons, threads and other bits and bobs. All you need is knitting needles and your hands. I try to keep my patterns as easy […]

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