Aug 272014


This week I have been mainly printing!

I decided it would be nice to have a ‘real’ catalogue of my patterns so far. I underestimated how many I have written over the years! My printer is having a well earned rest today while I compile the contents page. I feel like I am holding a bible in my hands and I’m seriously wondering wether to get it insured! LOL! I will carry the Polly Bible to Brighton in October for anyone who may like to have a thumb through it :)

I have also booked the accomodation for Brighton!! Yay! We are staying in a guest house called Guest and the City! It’s look really nice :)

The_Facade   The_Breakfast_Room  Stained_Glass_window

Designs for BCUK are coming on well now, I can feel them flowing and growing. I find that I get ideas but until I actually start knitting I really don’t know what the end result will be. My ideas sort of evolve from a little spark of inspiration rather than a plan that is set in stone. I like to work like that and feel its the most natural way for me. I have found some nice yarns to work with and should be able to produce DIY kits for these designs too.

  • Thank you for all the survey responses so far. It’s really good to know what people collect, what they like best and what they want more of. Helps me focus on YOU my friend :)
  • If you haven’t done the survey yet and would like to have the chance to win a Polly Monster sweater here it is again….

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