Jul 232014




Cute greek kitty waiting for a morsel of food….and yes, I did give him some :)

I’m back!

Had a wonderful holiday, plenty of rest, food and good company and lots of time to think about new things and make plans. I love that part of a holiday when you actually have TIME to plan! Then you get home and it all goes pear shaped….lol! Anyhow, all the laundry is done and food in the fridge so hopefully I can get back to my knitting and work on some of these new ideas.

I hope that you are all having a good knitty summer and enjoying some nice weather and time outdoors. I must admit that I find winter much better for knitting and creating as summer is usally a blur of gardening, eating outdoors and having fun! I’m planning my Blythecon UK stall now, top secret at the moment until I know if it’s all going to work!

ta ta for now!

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Jul 022014
Summer Days

Share    Full of sunshine, hotpants and candyfloss! This week is the countdown to my holidays but before I go I am offering you some sweet summer goodness to keep you going until I get back late July In the shop are PDF patterns for hotpants and a t-shirt (coming Thursday as I need to proof [...]

May 312014
Meet Molly......

ShareA new addition to Polly's tribe… A sweet friend sent me a little parcel containing this wonderful little doll! I love her so much! She is a madeline doll and my Blythe clothes fit her body and strawberry shortcake hats and shoes got her too! She has been making herself useful already by helping out [...]

May 272014
Under the sea.....

ShareDarling it’s better down where it wetter!   Inspired by Ariel – the little mermaid, I created a pretty little set for your Blythe doll. The main front fastening tunic dress is knit from my own handspun yarn in gorgeous blues and greens with turquoise mohair and bead edging and emerald green pearls to fasten [...]

May 142014
Under the Sea.....

Share That’s where I shall be going on Friday! We’re off for a weekend in Bruges! Yippee! Early hours of Friday mornng we will be driving dow to the Euro Tunnel….going under the sea….pop up again in France! Travelling through France to visit some graves of family members who lost their lives in WW1, including [...]

Apr 282014
Blythe @home patterns available now!

Share Thank heavens for a quiet Monday morning. It allowed me to get all my listings and patterns sorted and the newsletter sent out! Patterns, ingredients and kits are all available now and also the full package of sample Blythe @home finished items are for sale! Here are the links: Blythe @home sample collection items [...]

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Apr 272014
Blythe @home

Share This month I have been inspired by natural colours and textures and things related to the home and comfort. I love the huge knitted pouffes I have seen in magazines recently and I thought it would be nice to create a Blythe sized version. This then led to a cushion, knitting bag, nightie, housecoat, [...]

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