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A short while ago I thought it was a good idea to go paperless when it came to reading and planning. It is to a certain degree.

Then I bought two magazines and a new planner. (I’m a bit impulsive these days!)

I fancied printing my photos and sticking them into a planner to create a visual record of my doings. My weeks can be boring sometimes but there is always something worth recording in our day to day lives. I ordered from personal-planner and was so excited to receive my really ‘personal’ planner. I chose my favourite recent dolly photo for my front cover and lots of blank pages to draw and record stuff in at the back. It came today and I LOVE it! My punky anarchist of a Sindy looks great on the front! I can’t wait to start using it and my childhood joy of new books and felt tip pens was reawakened. I tried Filofax and fell, I think the diary inserts were just so uninspiring and printing out my own too time consuming. This new planner is a great size (I went for the A5) and I love all the space in it.

Then comes the fashion magazine. I don’t usually bother with these as I don’t follow fashion much but I wanted to see some young inspiration instead of living in past ideas and images. I’m 49 and may be ageing outside but my brain is still about 17 and my 93 year old Grandmother Rose still looks at the latest fashions and beauty with great interest – need I say more?

Then comes ‘Flow’ magazine. Oh how beautiful it is! I am in love with PAPER and WORDS and PHOTOS and DRAWINGS.

Read, breathe in the images, dream, be lazy, be active, eat well, eat naughty, drink water, drink wine, laugh, cry, plan, don’t plan….go with the FLOW. Enjoy it ALL xxxxxxx


Feb 162015
Lots of Love from me

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Feb 152015

Share      (you’ll understand my choice of picture when you read more!) CHANGE This is my word for 2015. It holds a few different meanings for me. I like change, I always have. I love reinvention, new gadgets, software updates, new projects, basically anything that stays the same sort of bores me. My hubby […]

Jan 312015
Little Gems!

Share  I’ve been busy whipping up some new sets for the shop from some lovely handspun yarn I made before Christmas. I’m really happy with my ‘Little Gem’ sets that I have made. They are in the shop now along with two little cake ‘Gems’ named Rosie Quartz and Tilly Topaz! We all need some […]

Jan 242015
I've gone a bit Pink!

Share  The new year prompts us all to wish for new things and to hope for a good year so whilst sitting in the car just after Christmas I decided I was completely bored of myself. I had looked the same for years and I had grown tired of me. What did I want to […]

Jan 172015
Winter Jewels - Cozy knits to keep the cold out!

Share  At last! I finally finished my new collection of goodies. I bring you Winter Jewels – a collection of cozy knits to keep out the cold! I wanted to create some chunky knits, easy to make using great value yarn available in a great range of colours. I use Stylecraft Special DK to crochet […]

Jan 032015
Knitting in the New Year

Share  After sorting out my etsy shop so that I have to do manual emailing of patterns I felt like things had gone backwards a bit. Then I thought No! Changes come about and we need to embrace them because they generally mean we are moving forwards. I cannot control how etsy behave but I […]

Jan 012015
Happy New Year!

Share  Well happy new year everyone! This was going to be a post full of fun but that will have to wait for a few days. New VAT rules on sales of digital items became law today and etsy have seen fit to think it’s not their problem. While other websites work towards a solution […]

Dec 012014
Closed for Refurbishment

Share  Polly’s studio is undergoing a move and major refurbishment after my youngest left home at the weekend. My studio is now the spare bedroom and Tom’s old room is bare, with my stuff piled in the centre awaiting paint and carpet! It’s been an emotional couple of weeks as he moved all his stuff […]

Nov 222014
Button Loop Tutorial

Share  Button loop tutorial I get asked a lot about how I finish off the little knitted garments at the back. So I found a simple little tutorial on how to make a button loop to share with you. I find that this is the neatest way to create fastenings and it looks nice and […]

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